Field Engineer


Mr. Hoenig has over 40 years of experience in infrastructure projects such as airports, water and sewer agencies, water treatment plants, reservoirs, concrete and asphalt paving and storm drain improvements. His responsibilities included inspection, special inspection of structural concrete and masonry, reviewing payment requests, reviewing submittals, reviewing contract change orders and RFI’s.

Mr. Hoenig’s Airport projects included work on numerous airports in Santa Barbara, Oxnard and Camarillo, CA. This required familiarity with FAA regulations and airfield procedures. His work included the paving of concrete and asphalt runways, taxiways and ramps, taxiway and runway lighting upgrades, slurry seal and pavement, and storm drain improvements. Other projects included water resources for the Ortega Ground Water Treatment plant for the City of Santa Barbara. He inspected concrete foundations for the water tanks, various pumps and valves and installed piping and rehabilitated existing media tanks. He inspected numerous water main and valve installations as well as sewer lines and manholes for the City of Santa Barbara.

Mr. Hoenig oversaw numerous Water Resource projects including the Ortega Ridge Reservoir in which he monitored the demolition of the existing open air reservoir, new concrete slab and wall, and new vault and piping installations. His work also included monitoring the Sheffield Reservoir demolition of the existing open air reservoir and the construction of two new 6.5 million gallon concrete reservoirs, installation of new valve vault and piping and overseeing the preservation of the existing treatment plan which was designated a historical landmark.

Other work included sewer main replacements for the Goleta Sanitary District of 10” to 36” PVC and VCP, as well as upgrades to the existing treatment plant. He also inspected several bridge replacements for the City of Santa Barbara and two bridges for the Bacara Resort in Goleta, CA.

Additionally, Mr. Hoenig has extensive experience with overlay projects in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas, from both a design and inspection standpoint.