Design Engineer I

Email: larjon@flowersassoc.com

Mr. Arjon has collaborated in a design group assisting in design and management of residential, commercial, and public works projects throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

He is proficient in Engineering and Drafting software including: AutoCAD Civil 3D, HydroCAD, Hydraflow Hydrographs, WSPG, GIS and ArcGIS.

Mr. Arjon has worked with multiple agencies in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County and most recently was the Design Engineer on the City of Santa Barbara’s FY19A and FY19B Pavement Maintenance Projects.

Other projects include:

  • Westview Village (Phase 1) – Low Income Housing Improvement Plans, Ventura, CA. Mr. Arjon designed public and private storm drain system and prepared construction drawings for storm drain, street, water, sewer, rough grading, and fine grading improvements. Designed storm water treatment system to comply with Ventura County Regulations. Prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and conducted QSP inspections during construction.
  • Bellwood Estates – single family homes drainage design, Simi Valley, CA. Mr. Arjon designed challenging storm drain system and storm water treatment infrastructure to comply with strict retention and storm water treatment regulations from the City of Simi Valley.
  • Anacapa Apartments – single family apartments improvement plans, Oxnard, CA. Mr. Arjon began project design and coordination with planning and survey staff from preliminary to final design. Designed final surface and utility layout and prepared construction drawings for grading, sewer, water, storm drain, and street improvements. Managed project budget and coordinated with client and architect during design.
  • Various small to medium sized commercial development, Ventura and Santa Barbara County. Mr. Arjon prepared improvement plans, engineering reports, and storm water regulation documents for various commercial projects including: Riviera Plaza (Ventura), Trinity Plaza (Oxnard), Lompoc Starbucks, Ventura Auto Center, Water Drops Car Wash (Oxnard), and Clinicas del Camino Real (Oxnard).
  • Various single-family residences, Ventura County. Mr. Arjon collaborated with private homeowners and architects on unique designs for various single-family homes throughout the County in Ventura, Ojai, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and unincorporated areas in Ventura County.


B.S. in Civil Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, Santa Luis Obispo, 2015


Officer and Member of American Society of Civil Engineers Santa Barbara/Ventura Younger Member Forum (YMF)