Rosewood Miramar Resort

Project Description

Spread over nearly 16 acres, and uniquely positioned on roughly 500 lineal feet of exclusive oceanfront, the Rosewood Miramar Hotel opened in 2019 offering 161 luxury rooms, cottages and bungalows to resort guests. UPRR railroad tracks bisect the property.

Scope of Services

F&A’s principal engineer provided project management during initial entitlement phase for the Rosewood Miramar Hotel and handled all aspects of preliminary and final design development and civil services, both on and offsite, to obtain Planning and Design Board approvals with the County of Santa Barbara. F&A permitting staff processed all agency clearances, developed FEMA Flood Operations & Maintenance Manuals and flood certifications, and successfully provided permitting services through the County of Santa Barbara. UPRR plans were developed and approved by UPRR.