Civil Engineering

Flowers & Associates, Inc. has provided a wide range of civil engineering services in the tri-county area since its establishment in 1977.  We have substantial experience in the design and construction contract administration of private and public sector housing, transportation and infrastructure projects.

Our professional and technical staff have extensive individual and collective experience to address diverse project management, civil engineering and planning challenges.  As a general service company, we are proficient with project organization, planning and studies, design, O&M, and construction services.  We have a thorough understanding of project development and management, design, and construction to assist the owner from inception to completion of the project.

All our work is performed at our office in Santa Barbara, except for local field offices that may be set up for specific construction projects.  Most of our active projects are in the tri-counties area.  We estimate that our current committed workload is evenly split between private and public sector clients.

Obtaining base information at the beginning of the project is essential to properly developing the project.  This includes reviewing and photographing the site, performing utility research, preparing topographic mapping, and evaluating the site geotechnically.  We take the time at the beginning of a project to identify the critical aspects of the project, so they are dealt with in a timely manner.

Our processes and procedures are continually being adjusted to conform to the changing dynamics of our industry.  We also review “lessons learned” from past projects that we have followed from design though construction, and we always appreciate feedback from our clients on where we are doing a good job and where we need to improve.


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