Storm Water Management Evaluation & Design

With recent requirements for NPDES Storm Water compliance, many of our completed and in-progress projects include storm water management evaluation and design. This may involve special grading and other site development considerations to minimize storm run-off or to lessen sediment transport by designing retention basins or bioswales. Other designs involve storm water treatment devices such as inlet filters or in-line gravity separators.

Although pollution removal is the primary design goal, we also consider maintaining site drainage, long-term system maintenance and waste disposal, and how different methods and products may function specifically in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas.

Virtually all of our design projects involve storm water quality control efforts along with the drainage analysis with hydrologic and hydraulic calculations and responsive design and specifications for construction. In addition, a good many projects have required post construction maintenance programs to be prepared by our office which prescribe continued viability of permanent erosion control and other pollution prevention measures.

In this rapidly developing field we strive to stay current by working with City and County staff, researching new products and manufacturers, and attending seminars on NPDES Phase II Storm Water Requirements. Our staff includes Qualified SWPPP Developer’s (QSD’s) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner’s (QSP’s) to prepare the documentation and provide inspections as required by the State General Permit.

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