We Know What it Takes to Deliver a Successful Project

Flowers & Associates, Inc. is a professional civil engineering firm with a strong construction management group.  We provide third party construction engineering services with a philosophy of team building, attention to detail, and anticipation of issues based on our experience.  A full range of contract administration, quality control observation, cost and schedule control, document management, change order negotiation, and dispute resolution are provided.  We know what it takes to deliver a successful project.

Construction Management Services by engineering consultants is a significant part of the design/build process.  A well-designed project can become a “problem project” as a result of insufficient or inexperienced management of the construction phase. We can provide a customized Construction Management organization to fit each project.  Public agencies are increasingly utilizing private firms to provide construction services when they do not have the manpower or expertise required for the project. We work with the owner to structure a Construction Management Services program that is consistent with the owner’s and the project’s needs.

Our services can include all or a portion of Constructability Review, Observation and Testing, and Startup Services.  Candid work relationships with owner and contractor are developed through our techniques, promoting better understanding and common project objectives.  Understanding the construction process allows us to assist the owner, engineer, and contractor with the development of a stable working relationship.  Applying these techniques results in successful projects.

Flowers & Associates, Inc. promotes a proactive approach to individual project requirements and has a longstanding QA/QC Program.  All projects are approached from the same perspective:  “Reduce construction problems through communication while striving to anticipate problems so that they can be addressed at an early non-critical stage.”  By staffing our team with people who have substantial construction experience, we can operate as facilitators to the construction process by working closely with the owner and contractor to achieve the desired goal.  Experience with a detailed approach to project monitoring and documentation often allows us to anticipate construction problems and work toward solutions before they become time or cost critical.

Our procedures have been developed as a result of many years of providing construction services.  We have a record of delivering quality, cost-effective services with a minimum of impact to the owner’s work force.


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