Our Process

  1. Chair project meetings including pre-construction conference and weekly construction meetings, and prepare summary meeting notes.
  2. Review Contractor’s partial payment requests and make recommendation to the City.
  3. Prepare contract change orders for City review and approval.
  4. Review Contractor’s schedule, monitor actual progress, notify City of identified delays, and work with Contractor to mitigate scheduling issues.
  5. Review and respond to Contractor’s Request for Information (RFI’s)
  6. Establish files and maintain records of the construction process including those described above and the following:
  • Daily observation reports
  • Submittals
  • Test results
  • Photographs
  • Potential claims submitted by Contractor
  • Prepare a Final Report that includes all of the above documents

Construction Review & Observation

  1. Perform construction observation and review to assess compliance with construction contract documents including traffic control, weather and temperature conditions, placement operations and coordination with adjacent property occupants.
  2. Notify the appropriate entity for the following activities:
    • Inspections and review by appropriate City departments
    • Materials sampling and testing by the materials testing laboratory
  1. Prepare a final punch list in conjunction with the City staff and monitor the Contractor’s progress toward completing the items.
  2. Testing will be performed by a qualified geotechnical laboratory.
  3. The Construction Contractor is required to assume responsibility for job site conditions during the course of the construction of the project, including traffic control and safety of all persons and property on a continuous basis during the project duration.

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