Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Scope of Services

We provided engineering services for the master plan update and conditional use permit update. We also provided pre-design engineering and planning services for the first phase of capital improvements project including the construction of the Conservation Center, Horticulture Support Facility and the refurbishment of the Herbarium.

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Upgrade Project

  • Design Coordination and Site Visits
  • Preparation of Grading, Paving, and Storm Drainage Master Plan
  • Preparation of Water & Sewer System Master Plan
  • Preliminary structure locations and descriptions
  • Master Plan presentation drawing for the project Development Plan package to be submitted to the County for the Conditional Use Permit Application.

Horticultural Garage Area

Grading and Drainage Plan for use in obtaining a Grading Permit and Development Plan.

Assistance with Development Plan Amendment and Land Use Permit Condition Compliance

  • Assistance with preparing the land use permit condition compliance related to the SWIIP including a Tree Protection Plan, assistance with the Environmental Quality Assurance Program and coordination with the environmental monitors.
  • Preparing an updated composite exhibit and overlay for use in obtaining an amended Development Plan for the Pritzlaff Conservation Center and the Horticulture Garage Area.

Design and Services During Construction for Sewer Lateral to Existing Restroom

  • Adjusted plans to move the location of the “Lateral “C” manhole
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Observation and Review of the construction
  • Observation and testing of trenching and backfill by our geotechnical engineer sub-consultant

Conservation Building Planning, Engineering Design and Construction Documents Preparation

  • Planning, design, detailing and specifications for the construction of site improvements for the Conservation Center including the associated proposed parking lot and access road from Mission Canyon Road.
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Preparation
  • Construction Administration

The Knoll

Project Description

The project consists of a 5.12-acre gross (4.75-acre net) parcel subdivided into 15 lots (13 residential lots and two common area lots) under its current DR-1.8 zone district and RES-1.8 land use designation. A total of 11 new market rate residential units and one new affordable unit under the State Density Bonus Program are proposed for 12 of the new lots ranging in size from .17 to 0.32 acres for the new market rate homes, and 0.06 acres for the affordable unit in addition to retaining and remodeling the existing 7,000 square foot principal residence.  The remainder of the site, covering two lots and 1.2 acres, is to remain common open space.

Scope of Services

F&A is providing project management and permit processing services for the Knoll residential subdivision through the County of Santa Barbara.  Ms. Macon and Ms. Krapes have been acting as Owner’s Representative to obtain all land use and building permits.

Pritzlaff Conservation Center

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Pritzlaff Conservation Center

Description of Project

A 11,500 square foot building designed by architect Doug Singletary housing the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden’s Conservation and Research, Herbarium, Seed Bank and administrative staff. More than 20% of materials are regional and have recycled content including rock for walls and garden beds sourced on site by either salvaging from structures that had burned down in the Jesusita Fire in 2009 or unearthed while installing water and sewer lines. No wood is used in the entire building.

Three underground cisterns collect 45,000 gallons of storm water runoff from the building and parking lot for irrigation. Water is funneled through a bioswale to remove dirt, debris, and chemical residues before it is stored.

Solar panels cover the rooftop and second floor patio, providing at least 70% of the power needed for the building.

Scope of Services

Flowers & Associates, Inc. provided the planning, design, detailing and specifications for the construction of the site improvements. We also provided project administrator services for the LEED Certification of the Pritzlaff Conservation Center.

Cortona Corner

Project Description

Located at 6830 Cortona Drive and sitting on 8.8 acres of land, Cortona Corner is the project site of a 176 unit rental apartment project in the City of Goleta.  The development is comprised of a mix of one, two and three bedroom units contained within four two-story buildings at the front/center of the site and four three-story buildings at the rear of the site, in addition to a clubhouse, pool, maintenance building, and other residential and open space features.  Due to its location between Highway 101, Union Pacific Railroad and industrial buildings such as Raytheon, the project is on relatively new territory by adding residential structures to industrial areas.

Scope of Services

F&A has helped to guide planning and development teams dealing with this environmentally sensitive habitat to completion with Planning Commission and Design Review Board.  F&A provided Planning services including permit compliance/conditions of approval tracking and documentation for the client for acceptance with Public Works and Planning & Environmental Review Departments.  F&A also provided Civil Engineering services consisting of site improvement plans, public improvements plans, utility plans and grading and drainage plans.

Rosewood Miramar Resort

Project Description

Spread over nearly 16 acres, and uniquely positioned on roughly 500 lineal feet of exclusive oceanfront, the Rosewood Miramar Hotel opened in 2019 offering 161 luxury rooms, cottages and bungalows to resort guests. UPRR railroad tracks bisect the property.

Scope of Services

F&A’s principal engineer provided project management during initial entitlement phase for the Rosewood Miramar Hotel and handled all aspects of preliminary and final design development and civil services, both on and offsite, to obtain Planning and Design Board approvals with the County of Santa Barbara. F&A permitting staff processed all agency clearances, developed FEMA Flood Operations & Maintenance Manuals and flood certifications, and successfully provided permitting services through the County of Santa Barbara. UPRR plans were developed and approved by UPRR.

Sumida Gardens Apartments

Project Description

We were contracted to aid the Owner in the development of a 10.3± acre parcel of property into an apartment complex.  The complex consisted of 14 two and three-story buildings, a paved parking lot and landscaped open space.

Scope of Services

We provided design development and planning approval from preliminary to plan preparation, preliminary and final grading, drainage and utility plans, sewer main extension, water main extension, street improvement plans, and bidding and construction phase services.  We also provided a site Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and inspection services as required by the State Water Regional Control Board.

SB Zoo Discovery Pavilion

Scope of Services

Flowers & Associates, Inc. provided engineering Services for the design development phase planning, consultation and preparation of construction plans and specifications for the Discovery Center Pavilion at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  In the past, we have provided Master Planning, and Master Site Drainage and Water Quality Plan preparation and oversight.