Rancho Monte Alegre

Scope of Services

  • Engineering – Field and Office Plan and Control File Production
  • Construction Inspection, Monitoring and Reporting
  • SWPPP Compliance, Guidance and Reporting
  • Public Utility Planning and Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Staking Control and Surveying Services

Sycamore Canyon Slope

Sycamore Canyon Stabilization Project

Scope of Services

F&A provided project management and coordination, civil engineering design for stabilization of the slope, PDR preparation and civil design input for erosion control. For the construction phase, we also provided consultant team management and coordination, construction contract administration, and construction monitoring and reporting.

We also provided an engineering geology and geotechnical report providing recommendations for the stabilization, surveying, and structural consulting through our sub-consultants.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Scope of Services

We provided engineering services for the master plan update and conditional use permit update. We also provided pre-design engineering and planning services for the first phase of capital improvements project including the construction of the Conservation Center, Horticulture Support Facility and the refurbishment of the Herbarium.

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Upgrade Project

  • Design Coordination and Site Visits
  • Preparation of Grading, Paving, and Storm Drainage Master Plan
  • Preparation of Water & Sewer System Master Plan
  • Preliminary structure locations and descriptions
  • Master Plan presentation drawing for the project Development Plan package to be submitted to the County for the Conditional Use Permit Application.

Horticultural Garage Area

Grading and Drainage Plan for use in obtaining a Grading Permit and Development Plan.

Assistance with Development Plan Amendment and Land Use Permit Condition Compliance

  • Assistance with preparing the land use permit condition compliance related to the SWIIP including a Tree Protection Plan, assistance with the Environmental Quality Assurance Program and coordination with the environmental monitors.
  • Preparing an updated composite exhibit and overlay for use in obtaining an amended Development Plan for the Pritzlaff Conservation Center and the Horticulture Garage Area.

Design and Services During Construction for Sewer Lateral to Existing Restroom

  • Adjusted plans to move the location of the “Lateral “C” manhole
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Observation and Review of the construction
  • Observation and testing of trenching and backfill by our geotechnical engineer sub-consultant

Conservation Building Planning, Engineering Design and Construction Documents Preparation

  • Planning, design, detailing and specifications for the construction of site improvements for the Conservation Center including the associated proposed parking lot and access road from Mission Canyon Road.
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Preparation
  • Construction Administration

Sandman/Estancia Residences

Project Description

F&A has provided both civil and project management services on the “Sandman Project,” located at 3714-3744 State Street, since 2005.  The site is over 4 acres in size. The project removed the existing hotel structures in 2015 (The Sandman Inn) and is in the process of final permitting and constructing three single story office buildings along State Street, ten three story residential condominium buildings with 72 units total and a small community building.

The project was approved in April 2014. The project was approved with a Condition of Approval (E.2.e. in the Planning Commission Resolution 008-14) that required the development of a storm water plan for the site that treats all pollutants of concern for the project, incorporates low-impact development elements (specifically natural infiltration), and reduces reliance on proprietary treatment devices.

Scope of Services

Infiltration testing conducted at the site in March 2014 confirmed that infiltrative soils appropriate for storm water infiltration designs do occur at the site. Therefore, F&A worked to revise the project, by implementing appropriately-sized permeable paving and vegetated swales/infiltration areas throughout the site. This revision complied with the City Planning Commission’s storm water Condition of Approval and achieved the City’s Tier 3 storm water management requirement for treatment via natural infiltration.

F&A worked to address storm water discharge rate control, volume reduction, and water quality treatment through permeable paver treatment areas (highlighted in red in the figure below), and swales and infiltration areas (highlighted in blue below).  The landscaped areas around the buildings also afford additional treatment via infiltration.  HydroCAD calculations and site drainage areas were complex and detailed for this model project.

This project has demanded ongoing coordination with a large project team; a detailed and innovative storm water treatment design within a tight mixed-use project area; and our relations with the client and consultant team have overall been positive and we are happy to have successfully provided services for this project.

Rosewood Miramar Resort

Project Description

Spread over nearly 16 acres, and uniquely positioned on roughly 500 lineal feet of exclusive oceanfront, the Rosewood Miramar Hotel opened in 2019 offering 161 luxury rooms, cottages and bungalows to resort guests. UPRR railroad tracks bisect the property.

Scope of Services

F&A’s principal engineer provided project management during initial entitlement phase for the Rosewood Miramar Hotel and handled all aspects of preliminary and final design development and civil services, both on and offsite, to obtain Planning and Design Board approvals with the County of Santa Barbara. F&A permitting staff processed all agency clearances, developed FEMA Flood Operations & Maintenance Manuals and flood certifications, and successfully provided permitting services through the County of Santa Barbara. UPRR plans were developed and approved by UPRR.


Castaic Lake Water Agency

Project Description

The Project consisted of the Earl Schmidt Water Treatment Plant Intake Pump Station and the San Canyon Project Pump Station, Pipeline, and Reservoir.

Scope of Services

Flowers & Associates provided construction monitoring, project coordination, and construction contract administration.