Santa Paula Railroad Station

Award Winner:  Santa Paula California Chamber of Commerce Civic Beautification of the Year

Project Description

Santa Paula is a unique small community in that it has an airport and its own railroad line.  The railroad station was built in the 1930’s and is a historic landmark.  The site was generally undeveloped, except for some warehouses and packing plants nearby.  Its location near the heart of town made this site a candidate for restoration.  This project required designing the station platform in accordance with railroad standards.  The project included a gazebo and park.  The architect selected brick for the accent pavement areas, which included sidewalks adjacent to the street.  A key element of the design of this project was design of ADA compliance and addressing the grade difference across the site.  We developed a unique mountable curb to provide access to the original loading ramp and accommodate the sidewalk requirements.

Scope of Services

  • Combined commercial / residential site
  • Streets and buildings constructed in 1930’s
  • Site conforms to Railroad Design Standards
  • Curb, gutter and sidewalk
  • Conform to existing building doors
  • Conform to existing driveways
  • Access Ramps / ADA Compliance
  • Landscaping & Irrigation
  • Street lighting 
  • Park with Gazebo Structure
  • Drainage system
  • Coordination with businesses / residences
  • Hardscape and street amenities