Rancho Monte Alegre

Scope of Services

  • Engineering – Field and Office Plan and Control File Production
  • Construction Inspection, Monitoring and Reporting
  • SWPPP Compliance, Guidance and Reporting
  • Public Utility Planning and Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Staking Control and Surveying Services

Sycamore Canyon Slope

Sycamore Canyon Stabilization Project

Scope of Services

F&A provided project management and coordination, civil engineering design for stabilization of the slope, PDR preparation and civil design input for erosion control. For the construction phase, we also provided consultant team management and coordination, construction contract administration, and construction monitoring and reporting.

We also provided an engineering geology and geotechnical report providing recommendations for the stabilization, surveying, and structural consulting through our sub-consultants.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Scope of Services

We provided engineering services for the master plan update and conditional use permit update. We also provided pre-design engineering and planning services for the first phase of capital improvements project including the construction of the Conservation Center, Horticulture Support Facility and the refurbishment of the Herbarium.

Water and Sewer Infrastructure Upgrade Project

  • Design Coordination and Site Visits
  • Preparation of Grading, Paving, and Storm Drainage Master Plan
  • Preparation of Water & Sewer System Master Plan
  • Preliminary structure locations and descriptions
  • Master Plan presentation drawing for the project Development Plan package to be submitted to the County for the Conditional Use Permit Application.

Horticultural Garage Area

Grading and Drainage Plan for use in obtaining a Grading Permit and Development Plan.

Assistance with Development Plan Amendment and Land Use Permit Condition Compliance

  • Assistance with preparing the land use permit condition compliance related to the SWIIP including a Tree Protection Plan, assistance with the Environmental Quality Assurance Program and coordination with the environmental monitors.
  • Preparing an updated composite exhibit and overlay for use in obtaining an amended Development Plan for the Pritzlaff Conservation Center and the Horticulture Garage Area.

Design and Services During Construction for Sewer Lateral to Existing Restroom

  • Adjusted plans to move the location of the “Lateral “C” manhole
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Observation and Review of the construction
  • Observation and testing of trenching and backfill by our geotechnical engineer sub-consultant

Conservation Building Planning, Engineering Design and Construction Documents Preparation

  • Planning, design, detailing and specifications for the construction of site improvements for the Conservation Center including the associated proposed parking lot and access road from Mission Canyon Road.
  • Design Development
  • Construction Document Preparation
  • Construction Administration

SB Natural History Museum

Description of Project

The Museum was founded in 1916 by William Leon Dawson as the Museum of Comparative Oology. In 1923, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History opened its doors at the current campus. The Museum celebrated its centennial year by undertaking a $21 million capital campaign to upgrade their aging facilities in ways that vastly improve our visitor experience.

Scope of Services

Flowers & Associates, Inc. provided civil engineering consultant services for Phase 1 of the project. Tasks included consulting with the Landscape Architects and other consultants in support of the design development effort and providing Preliminary Grading, Drainage, and Paving Plans sufficient for CEQA level review.

Peabody Stadium Renovation

SB High School Peabody Grandstand Replacement & Stadium Renovation

Project Information

The historic Santa Barbara High School Peabody Stadium was built in 1924. The Grandstand Replacement and Stadium Renovation Project intends to modernize the nearly 100-year-old stadium’s infrastructure and athletic field. The project scope includes:

  • Construct a new 2,300 seat concrete grandstand and press box that will bring the nearly 100-year-old facility into compliance with current State and regulatory building and accessibility codes.
  • Expand the athletic sports field to create a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) regulation track and artificial turf field to support competitive athletic events and enhance the use of the facility by Santa Barbara High School and the community.
  • Replace two failing storm drain conduits to allow for continued pass through of municipal storm water systems and to mitigate ponding or flooding within the stadium and surrounding residential areas during storm events.

The Project is funded by the Foundation for Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara community bond measures, developer fees, and leverages State of California seismic mitigation funds.

Scope of Services

Flowers & Associates, Inc. provides supplemental construction review and monitoring, to assess compliance with contract documents and design intent for the extensive site improvements which are part of this substantially complex project.

We also provide QSP services for monitoring implementation of the Storm Water Pollution Plan over the construction period.  The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) specifies that a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) monitor the contractor’s site erosion control efforts and implementation throughout the construction period.

F&A is providing construction review and monitoring for the major storm drains and related structures of the large complex storm drainage system.

Dos Pueblos O’Leary Stadium

Project Description

The $2.1 million project consisted of a stadium renovation and improvements including a new synthetic turf and resurfacing of the running track.  The project was paid for by local athletic boosters and Measure I funds and was completed in 2019.

Scope of Services

F&A provided civil engineering design and construction phase services including replacement of the storm drainage system, storm water pollution prevention plan and grading services for the track and field.

Cabrillo Bath House/Pavilion

Project Description

First constructed in 1926, the building’s outdated interiors, structural deficiencies, failing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as poor site accessibility, significantly limit its potential to serve Santa Barbara residents and visitors. As one of the City of Santa Barbara’s most significant public assets, its renovation ensures that it serves as a prime recreational facility well into the future.

The project includes:

  • Interior renovation of the Pavilion and Bathhouse
  • New heating, cooling, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems
  • Renovation of the beachside promenade and the covered walkway (stoa) next to the playground
  • Landscaping around the building
  • Walkway along the western parking lot to connect Chase Palm Park to the promenade
  • Walkway onto the beach
  • Site lighting
  • New building ramps and walkway access via the parking lots and sidewalk

Scope of Services

Civil Engineering services provided by F&A included evaluating existing site pedestrian paths of travel for compliance with access code requirements and identify deficiencies, design of site improvements to address access deficiencies including a grading, drainage and paving plan, and design of site storm drain system improvements.

Gill’s Onions Plant Expansion

Scope of Services

We provided civil engineering services, in conjunction with Hartigan Foley, the site Architect, for civil design and preparation of construction drawings and technical specifications for site grading, drainage, paving, public street and storm drainage improvements, and provided a hydrologic and hydraulic drainage report.

In addition, we also provided construction phase services including construction observation for this project. Since the area that was disturbed by construction was greater than one-acre, we prepared both a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and N.O.I. required by the State Water Resources Control Board. Our in house Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) prepared all documentation and inspection for this project and successfully transitioned inspection services over to Gill’s Onions.

Presqu’ile Vineyard & Winery

Project Description

Flowers & Associates, Inc. worked with ARC Vineyards, LLC to develop 197 acres of existing vineyard and raw land into a working winery. This included the construction of a new winery and bottling plant building, hospitality building, administration building, barn and five farm employee housing units.

Scope of Services

In addition to providing grading, drainage, paving and site wall construction plans, F&A also designed the private water system, stormwater quality plans, and storage and disposal system for the site. Working together with the utility companies, architects and various other consultants and agencies, we provided a quality final product in working on all aspects of preliminary design, design development, plan preparation and construction phase services.

Peabody Charter School

Project Description

This project was a combination of work for the Kindergarten Area Paving Replacement and Drainage Improvements in conjunction with the Kindergarten Play Equipment Area Upgrades for Peabody Charter School.

Scope of Services

For the Paving Replacement Project, F&A designed the grading, drainage and paving improvements, prepared construction documents, and provided construction contract administration support services. This work consisted of the replacement of deteriorated and poorly draining A.C. paved playground and walkways, expansion of pavement into what was a sand play area, and re-grading and re-planting of a grassed play area.

The Play Equipment Upgrades included providing construction documents and construction contract administration for establishing grades for the play area containment curbs, new equipment / protective surfacing support slabs, and addressing site access and drainage improvements.